October 7-11, 2002

Construction continued at the new wing construction site. A major portion of the work was at the vault wall on the North side of the Archives parking lot. The bottom slab and vault walls were poured, as well as work done in the airway tunnel. On the site itself, the sump pit slab was poured. The crane was removed from that site to complete work in the "parking lot" vault area.

October 14-18, 2002

Construction workers poured partial flooring in the sub-basement of the new wing. Also they completed the installation of framework to support the rest of the concrete flooring to be poured next week. In the vault, they have completed cement walls, ceiling and flooring.

October 21-25, 2002

Contractors worked on the slab on grade on the South side of our wing. They have also installed metal forms to permit pouring of the basement floor which will probably take place next week. Waterproofing work was also done on the new wing this week. They also completed the sub-basement floor in the vault and poured another level of cement for the vault.

October 28 to November 1, 2002

Contractors started back work laying brick on the East side of the H & R building. They made a second concrete pour on the sub-basement slab on grade. A new 80 ton crane was brought onto the site. The road to the construction site was rebuilt to accomodate the new crane. They backfilled in around the crawl space. A large number of form pans were put in place to accomodate pouring the basement floor. Rebar was set in place and tied in preparation for the basement pour. Form work was removed from basement vault.

Updated: November 8, 2002
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