The Week of November 16-22, 2003

On Monday, construction workers insulated chill water pipe lines and runouts on the 2nd floor. Electricians installed lines for lights and plugs on the mezzanine floor and worked on control panes on the sub-basement. Other sub-contractors continued with fire taping in ceiling for the 3rd floor. Control valve piping for the south stairwell was worked on and across from Adams St. workmen packed backfill leading to the electrical vault. Work started for laying out and installing the rail system for moveable shelving in RC1. Cement block work continued on the third floor also. On Tuesday, contractors worked on duct work for the 1st floor, mezzanine and 2nd floor along with insulation and installation of dampers. Fire tape work continued along with hanging of sheet rock for the first floor and ceiling throughout the building. Cement block work continued along with layout for the rail system. Panel cans were mounted in the sub-basement and some phone outlets were moved. Control valves in the south stairwell were also installed on this date. The Adams Ave. drive was temporarily reopened after the contractor spread gravel to provide vehicle access along with installing a temporary sidewalk for the public. On Wednesday workmen continued working on the high mezzanine ceiling, framing fixed headers and installing fire tape. The ice and water shield was installed on the building ceiling. A sub-contractor set up a drill rig for a hydraulic jack to drill for the elevator contractor. Electricians ran camera, motion sensor and security conduit to the telephone frame room along with lines for exit lights. Other work continued as in previous days. On Thursday, contractors insulated the 2nd floor mezzanine pipes for runouts, continued with fire tape for the 3rd floor, first floor and mezzanine. Miscellaneous frame work also continued. Control valve work continued along with preparations for elevator shaft drilling. On Friday, sub-contractors started pouring the topping for the rails in RC1 along with continuing work from earlier in the week. At the end of the day, general clean-up work of the site took place.

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The Week of November 9-15, 2003

On Monday, rough-in insulation work continued in the building while electricians pulled wire for the south stairwell, 1st floor lights, fire alarms, power and mezzanine. Fire ceilings continued to be hung also. Rough-in of lathe and bead work continued on the north side exterior of the building and rough-in work on the sprinkler for the 2nd floor continued also. Alabama Power backfilled the electrical vault, while contractors backfilled storm pipes and formed the top for manhole #2. On Tuesday, rough-in work started for the runouts on the 2nd floor which included insulating and grouting dampers. Electricians pulled wire on the north and south stairwell, for the first floor lights, power along with fire alarm conduit for the mezzanine. They worked on the fire rack for the 3rd floor also, rough-in of the lathe and bead on the building's north side continued and sprinkler rough-in work continued for the 2nd floor. Workmen backfilled the storm pipe and cleaned up the job site. Trench line work for the electrical pipe continued from Alabama Powers lines to the electrical vault. Rebar was tied for manhole 2 and Collor bolds were also tightened. On Wednesday, steam pipes were roughed-in and insulated and rough outs were also roughed-in on the 2nd floor. Light and plug work continued on the mezzanine and 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor, the fire ceiling was hung and taped and miscellaneous frame work continued on the mezzanine. Outside, bead and lathe work continued on the building's north side. JESCO continued backfilling and cleanup work south of the Archives building and Alabama Power continued trench work to install electrical pipes to the archives vault. Contractors formed and poured manhole 2 top also and cement block work continued on the 1st floor. Rack layout work started for RC1 for movable shelving. On Thursday, contractors insulated the 2nd floor, worked on runouts in the sub-basement and roughed-in pipe work along with welding coils. Lighting and plug work continued on the mezzanine, 2nd floor electrical room, and sub-basement panels. On the 3rd floor, workmen hung and taped the fire ceiling, and framed for sheet rock on the 3rd floor. Sprinkler pipe work continued through the building and layout work for the shelving rail system also continued. Alabama Power continued their work to install lines to the electrical vault. Forms were put in place for a temporary sidewalk south of the Archives. On Friday, workmen continued insulating, rough-in of sprinklers, layout of rails for RC1, cement block work, and finally pouring the temporary sidewalk south of the Archives building. Grass was also planted to reduce erosion in the area excauvated during storm pipe installation.

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The Week of November 2-8, 2003

On Monday, contractors insulated the first floor, mezzanine, basement and roughed-in the air handler units on the 2nd floor. Clean up work was also performed at the new Heating and Refrigeration building. Electricians worked on lighting, power and communications for the mezzanine. On the 3rd floor, contractors framed and hung fire ceiling, and rough-in lathe work continued on the North side of the building exterior. Other sub-contractors roughed-in sprinklers pipe on the north and south stairwells. Workmen reworked stairwell handrail and beams were cut for manhole # 2. On Tuesday, workmen roughed-in runouts for the first floor, 2nd floor, and fabricated chill water and pre-heating coils. Other workmen installed the 3rd floor fire ceiling hangfire walls, and sprinkler pipes were roughed-in on the 2nd floor. Manholes were blocked for cement work on the exterior of the building also. Alabama Power arrived to excavate for an electrical vault on Adams Ave. On Wednesday, contractors framed around ducts on the mezzanine ceiling at the radius wall and fire taping. Other workmen installed trimming, and telephone control outlets. Rough-in lathe work continued on the North side of the building. Excavation work continued for the storm sewer on the Adams St. side of the building also and site preparation for cement pours for the sewer manholes continued. The later part of the week, Alabama Power set the electrical vault in place adjacent to the Archives parking lot and sanitary sewer work also continued on Adams Ave. Sub-contractors continued piping cold water to desiccant wheel system 1 & 2 . They also started piping to air handler # 5 and continued with work as earlier in the week.

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