The Week of May 26-30, 2003

Workers poured the kneewall at the south areaway and poured the south stair steps. They continued erecting steel on the third floor. Concrete mortar unit work continued in the southwest basement, mezzanine and first floor areas. Workers started removal of marble from the existing men's restroom in the basement area. Mechanical, electrical and plumbling work continued in the basement. Chill and condenser pipes were hung and fabricated at the H/R building. Steam manhole vault walls were formed and poured.

The Weeks of May 12-23, 2003

Workers poured the north and south stairways and two-foot walls on the third floor. They poured the south stair steps on the mezzanine and the second floor. They stripped the forms from the north end of the third floor. Bradley Plumbling & Heating set four air handling units on the third floor. Also workers began excavating steam manhole number one outside the H&R building. Workers continued with mechanical engineering rough-in. Workers began asbestos abatement in the basement of the existing building. On the third floor, workers cut and removed the "eyebrows" or ledges from the exisiting building on the eastern side. Workers formed the southern airway wall.

The Week of May 5-9, 2003

This week, contractors poured the North end of the third floor and continued forming the 3rd floor short walls, elevator and South stairs. Saw cutters started cutting the West ledge of the existing building to connect the old wing to the new. Painters are now on site and have started painting the sub-basement ceiling. Sub-contractors continued to fabricate and hang chill pipe in both the H & R building and the new wing. Finally, construction workers worked on windows in the Director's office to facilitate installation of frosted/backlit window panes between the new wing and the present building.

Updated: June 6, 2003
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