March 23-29, 2003

This week, contractors poured stair steps from the first floor on the North East side of the new wing. Thgey also poured the north stair wall from the mezzanine to the second floor. Backfilling of sand and earth was completed on the southeast corner of the building around the areaway. Contract carpenters continued forming to facilitate pouring from the mezzanine to the second floor on the south side of the building. Inside the building, HVAC duct work is being installed in the sub-basement and sub-contractors also completed installing sprinkler hangers in the sub-basement. Electrical workers continued rough-in on the building. At the H & R building, workmen continued installing sheathing for the roof and also worked on installing chill/condensed water pipes in the building.

March 16-22, 2003

This week, contractors poured all of the building columns from the mezzanine to the 2nd floor. They also poured the stair wall up to the 2nd floor level and mechanical room "pads" in the sub-basement. Early this week, workmen also stripped wooden forms seperating the 1st floor to the mezzanine (new lobby and new reference room) and started forming for the 2nd floor slab. At the H & R plant, the plumbing and heating sub-contractor reassembled the desiccate unit in the sub-basement. Other sub-contractors continued fabricating and hanging condensor chill pipes in that same facility. Finally, carpenters started installing wood sheathing for the H & R roof.

March 10-14, 2003

Activity appeared to pick up this week on the site. Subcontractors poured the mezzanine slab and started forming the deck for the 2nd floor. They also formed the mezzanine stairs to the 2nd floor and poured mechanical room pump pads in the sub-basement. This past Monday, Brindle Sprinkler started hanging sprinkler equipment in the sub-basement while other sub-contractors continued installing ceiling insulation in the same area. In the H & R building, sub-contractors continued rough-in for electrical work, while other contractors fabricated condensed water pipe for the chiller. After the desiccant units were taken apart earlier this week, today workmen started lifting the units to install in the sub-basement.

March 11

March 2-7, 2003

This past week, contractors continued to form the mezzanine level slab, but were hampered a bit by bad weather. They continued to form the stair walls from the mezzanine to the second floor and poured the concrete pads in the sub basement for the desicant units. They also continued to install insulation in the sub-basement as well as proceeded with electrical rough-in in the new wing. In the heating and refrigeration building, sub-contractors continued to fabricate and hang condenser and chill water pipes and also continued work on installing trusses in that facility.

Updated: March 12, 2003
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