The Week of June 21-25, 2004

This past week saw completion of electrical power transfer from the new wing to the original building linking all facilities. Work was completed after hours to minimize disruption of services. Only a few minor problems were encountered, and they have since been corrected. This week contractors finished coating and stucco band work on the north side of the building and removed scaffolding. Inside, painters installed trim in the radius of the reference room and painted the radius. They also painted and puttied door frames on the first floor and mezzanine. A second coat of paint was installed on all doors, the sub-basement hallway and north stairwell. Woodworkers worked on trim of the "dog house" trim for the first floor and mezzanine and set cabinets. Contractors insulated and worked on the pump in the elevator pit also. Contractors also started installing the columns on the new wing's north side. Finally, demolition work started on the south Adams St. entrance to facilities installation of the new south plaza.

The Week of June 14-18, 2004

This week contractors continued to "mud" columns on the first floor and mezzanine and painted both the walls and trim on those floors. Preparation work continued for light fixture installation on these floors along with the basement floor. Grills were installed on the 2nd floor and storm route drains were worked on on floor levels. In the H & R building, workmen continued work on the roof panels and installed the interior hatch latch ladder at the H & R building. Storm drains were installed in the basement of the old building to reduce sink hole problems before the new drive was installed. Some water leak problems occurred after heavy rains but cleanup action quickly eliminated problems. The later part of the week saw work on laying power lines between the new wing and the original building. Work continued on Saturday when completion of the line pulling occurred.

The Week of June 8-12, 2004

Early last week, contractors worked on chill water and hot water steam lines, they completed hanging sheet rock in the history class room and hung sheet rock in the mezzanine ceiling. The exterior brown coat and finish coat work has been completed and scaffolding was removed. Roof panels were installed on the west side of the H & R plant. Steam grills were installed in the sub-basement and and pipe were run from the original building to the new wing for miscellaneous power for the basement. Painting continued throughout the building also. Grills were installed in the crawl space on the mezzanine floor. Electrical contractors continued prep work to transfer power from the new building to the existing building to include the ceiling lobby, mezzanine and walls. Black Box contractors installed date, phone and communication lines in the building. The history classroom had sheetrock installed and "mud" applied to the walls. Trim was installed on the first floor and mezzanine and cabinets were also installed. Power was shut down over the weekend to accommodate preparation core drill to permit transfer of power between the original building and the new wing. Later heavy rains breached a berm installed on the south side of the museum building and water/mud leak into the sub-basement. Extensive "mop up" efforts were made by all parties to remove the problem.

The Week of June 1-4, 2004

This week, the Adams Ave. entrances were closed off and the Adams circular drive was demolished in preparation for new storm drain work and raising the South plaza. This work will take several months. Finally 8 large holes (approx. 6" in diameter) were core drilled in both the old and new building to accommodate power transfer lines between the two buildings.

Updated: June 6, 2003
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