The Week of June 22-28, 2003

Monday, contractors set columns and tubing on the third floor. They also laid cement block on the third floor. Pile driving work was completed and the machinery removed from the site. Contractors installed decking in the H & R building, rubbed and patched walls and handrails, and conducted general cleanup there. Carpenters started installing a temporary wall on the second floor of the main building to secure it from the construction site. Other workmen roughed in the sub-basement, basement and the first floor riser. Contractors roughed in columns and tubing for the third floor. Cement block work continued on the second floor and a scaffold was built for the work. The first floor topping was poured and the North area stairs were cut. Piping and trenching work proceeded on Washington Avenue for the building storm drain. Duct work was roughed in for the subbasement, first floor and riser. The first floor slab was poured and pipe was also run in the basement. Rough in of the HVAC riser (mezzanine) proceeded along with rough-in for the condenser pipe, storm drain, second floor and walkway. Contractors core drilled on the second floor, sub-basement, basement and second floor walkway. On Wednesday, tubing and columns were roughed in on the third floor. Worked continued on rough-in of HVAC and riser. They also framed the exterior window of the first floor. Excavators continued to trench and install sewer pipe on Washington Avenue. Block work continued on the second floor where workmen filled block. The top slab for the first floor was installed along with decking for the H & R building. Work also continued on the second floor partition. Thursday, workmen welded plates and beams for manhole #2 and roughed in columns for the third floor. They roughed in duct for the sub-basement, basement and first floor. Also they continued rough-in in pipes on the second floor. Trenching and pipe installation continued on Washington Ave. Other workmen also poured the slab on the N/E topping cap. On Friday, contractors started putting timber in place for shoring up manhole # 2. They also welded plates to secure the manhole. Rough-in of beams also took place on the third floor. Block work also continued on the second floor. Duct work also continued on all floors. The Southwest slope for the first floor was poured and exterior and interior wall metal studs were put in place. Decking on the H & R building also continued. Demo work on the original building windows also continued. Contractors finished the week by conducting general cleanup of the site.

The Week of June 14-21, 2003

Contractors tied rebar on the North areaway stairwell. They continued rough- in of duct work in the sub-basement, basement and the first floor and also rough-in of the steam and condenser pipes in the sub-basement, welded pipes in the H & R building and plumbing for the first floor. They framed the interior and exterior walls of the mezzanine, constructed cement blocking for the 2nd floor and block-filled the second floor. They poured the west side of the first floor also. Other sub-contractors stripped framework for manhole # 1. Finally, electricians and the glass contractor worked on the west windows for the Director's office. On Tuesday, contractors roughed-in steam and storm pipe for the sub-basement, basement ad the first floor. They also roughed-in condenser pipe for the H & R building. After completion of electrical work in the Director's office, glass contractors installed and caulked the sandblasted backlight lights in the Director's office. Other works included pouring the first floor slab surface w/elipse. A crane was also unloaded to permit piledriving for manhole 2. On Wednesday, work started on the storm drain on Washington Ave. when contractors started street excavation. Contractors also welded pipe for the first floor level. On Thursday, contractors grouted columns on the first floor and continued to form the elipse. They also installed columns on the 3rd floor. Material was unloaded to shore up manhole # 2. On Friday, contractors blocked out and insulated windows on the 2nd floor. F & W construction started pile driving for supports in manhole # 2. Workmen also grinded walls on all levels and cleaned out manhole # 2 to permit waterproofing later.

The Week of June 9-13, 2003

This week, contractors tied rebar on the south stairwell 2nd floor landing and steps and poured the north stairwell stairs and landing. They ran duct work between the first floor and sub-basement. They installed safety handrails in the new wing and constructed plywood back panels for the directors office. Contractors also formed floor manhole # 1 for the H & R building and tied rebar for that manhole. Saw cutters but the ledges (eyebrows) on the N/E and S/E corner of the 3rd floor. They also started block work for the 2nd floor. Plumbers ran pipe in the basement and set floor bores on the 3rd floor.

On Tuesday, they formed the North and South stairs and poured the south stairwell from 2 to 3rd floor. Stairs are now complete. They formed around the elevator wall and poured same. Sub-contractors ran duct work between the basement and the first floor. Other contractors ran 3 inch piping in the basement and for fire alarms and also rough-in the first floor slab and block wall.

On Wed, Contractors worked on the exterior mezzanine wall framing and layout and continued to run fire alarm pipe in the basement. They also painted and caulked windows in the Director's office in preparation for installation of backlighting. They continued installing blocks on the 2nd floor and built scaffolding and on the 2nd floor. They also performed rough-in of steam piping and vent pipes on the 2nd floor. They also did rough-in duct work in the sub-basement, basement and first floor.

On Thursday, they laid out and formed the North stairwell landing and stairs and tied rear for same. They continued with block work on the 2nd floor and poured the top of manhole # 1.

On Friday, they stripped the stairs for the North and South stairwell and completed clean-up for same. They cut concrete opening for doors on the 2nd and 3rd floors on the exterior, but did not cut through the block wall on our side. They welded the ellipse angle on the mezzanine and poured mudsill on the North areaway stairs. Finally they worked on handrails and completed pouring the north stairwell landing and stairs up to the 3rd floor. Electricians also completed installation of backlighting for one window in the Director's office.

The Week of June 2-6, 2003

The construction contractors started out this week installing HVAC duct work in the sub-basement. The plumbing contractor continued installing and welding pipes in the basement and also worked on plumbing rough-in on the first floor. Electrical sub-contractors ran woie to electrical floor boxes on the first floor.

JESCO workmen removed all marble from the 1st floor bathroom on the construction side and also poured footings inside the old building airways in preparation for blocking up those windows next week. Other sub-contractors primed the basement ceiling for painting. Workmen pre-fabricated duct work for the new wing. On the mezzanine and 2nd floor level of the new wing, workmen layed block and completed concrete fill on that floor.

The contractor started work inside our present building, removing window panes in the Director's office to permit installation of electrical blacklighting in that office. Other prep work was done in the sub-basement to facilitate moving security, fire and data wire to permit demolition work for the new wing. Contractors performed work on manhole # 1 near the H & R building and also ran pipes in that building. Finally, the contractor put in place 12 large steel supports for the building columns around the building and finished installing steel up to the 3rd floor.

Updated: June 6, 2003
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