The Week of July 26-30, 2004

The Week of July 19-23, 2004

Contractors insulated pipes on the sub–basement, and installed louvers there also. Electricians ran pipe for miscellaneous electrical power in the sub-basement. Painters removed scaffolding on the west side of the building. Roof panel work continued last week on the east side of the H&R building. Workmen also installed trim radius and started working on cabinets for the lobby reference room. On the outside, windows were caulked. Outside the building, columns were also poured and bonded and windows were stuccoed. Flashing duct was installed in the basement and access doors were cut on the 2nd floor. Four new circuits were cut in the Hale Room. At the Security Reception Desk, additional holes were cut in the sheetrock to accommodate wiring and support frame work was put in place for the stone counter top. Framing for sheetrock and studs was hung on the 3rd floor. On the North side of the building, upper columns were put in place. Caps were set at the H & R roof also. Workmen started installing toilet partitions in the first floor restroom. Duct work was laid out for the 3rd floor. Work started on the lobby floor light fixtures along the wall. More columns were installed on the North, West and South side of the building and painting continued throughout the building. Book cases and wood trim for them were installed in the Ref. Room. Light fixtures were also installed in the mezzanine area.

The Week of July 12-16, 2004

The Week of July 6-9, 2004

Contractors worked on installing fascia and soffett on the east side of the Heating and Refrigeration building and worked on installation of metal roofing on the building's east side. Wood trim was installed on the 1st floor and mezzanine and a 2nd coat of paint was installed on the north and south stairwell walls. Demolition on the south plaza continued throughout the week. Inside the building, workmen started installing blind boxes for the window covering. Copper lines were reworked in the building and temporary power was removed from the building now that permanent power has been put in place. Outside the building, workmen installed a cornice on the building's west side and after painted brown coat and a finish coat. Workmen also installed trim radius and cabinets in the women's bath on the lobby floor. Caulking and sanding continued on the first floor in the reference room. Cracks were repaired in the basement also. In the north areaway, workmen reworked the side walls and they reworked the 3rd floor interior wall also. Insulation continued on the 3rd floor. Cabinets and trim were set in the first floor reference room. Bands were poured around the building. Trim work continued on the radius in the mezzanine. Finally, two walls were framed in the Hale Room.

Updated: August 5, 2004
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