The Week of July 28-August 1, 2003

The Week of July 21-25, 2003

This week contractors worked on wood block work, handrails, grinding, rubbing and patching in the building. Other sub-contractors worked on duct work for the 1st floor, mezzanine and 2nd floor. Cement block work continued on the basement and 2nd floor. A new phase started when sub-contractors started installing metal studs and exterior sheeting on the building exterior. On Tuesday, cement block work started on the 3rd floor. Rough-in of duct work for the 1st and 2nd floors continued and saw cutters cut holes for duct work. Others roughed-in pipes for all floors. Other rough-in work included hot water pipes for the sub-basement and 1st floor and steam and air conditioning pipe work at the H & R building. Tubing was also welded and bolt tightening of bolts started on the 3rd floor. On Wednesday major saw cutting work was performed for the mezzanine and 2nd floor and also for exterior of the existing building. Rough-in of steam pipes work was performed by the workmen. The electrical contractor continued to rough-in electrical conduit for the sub-basement, second and third floors. On Thursday, contractors framed up the walls for the 3rd floor, and continued hand-sheeting on the building exterior. The sidewalk was also poured by the excavation contractor on Washington Ave. On Friday, workmen started installing mechanical piping underground from the H & R building, under Adams Ave connecting to the new addition.

The Week of July 14-18, 2003

Monday, workmen roughed-in the riser to the 3rd floor, plumbing for the 2nd floor, and 4" pipes for the sub-basement. They also roughed-id blocks between the 2nd floor and the basement. Other construction workers continued to work on louvers at the H & R building, woodblock work, patching and grinding handrails.

Tuesday, contractors roughed-in plumbing for the 2nd floor storm pipes. Others roughed-in stud walls for the first floor, and roughed-in block walls for the 2nd floor, 3rd floor stair walls, fire cell, mezzanine and duct chase. Welders shored and welded plates and welded tubing on the 3rd floor. The excavators laid pipes to the north areaway also. Work continued on the H& R building as yesterday.

On Wednesday, workmen roughed-in pipe in the sub-basement and 1st floor and continued block work in the basement. They also framed up areas in the first floor, mezzanine ad 3rd floor. Excavators laid pipe from Washington St to the North side manhole at Archives and History. Welders welded tubing and radius for the 3rd floor, while others installed cement block walls on the basement, 2nd floor and North areaway.

Thursday, workmen cleaned and installed ductwork for the sub-basement, basement, 1st floor and mezzanine. They worked on framing for the 3rd floor exterior and mezzanine. Excavators dug another trench on the front lawn, while welders welded places and shoring for manhole # 2. They also welded tubing for the 3rd floor, and continued with cement block work for the 2nd floor walls, basement and north areaway.

On Friday, workmen at the H & R plant continued wood, block, grinding and cleanup of handrails. A general clean-up of the construction site was also conducted on Friday.

The Week of July 7-11, 2003

Monday, contractors continued installing cement block on the 2nd floor of the new wing. Other sub-contractors roughed-in electrical pipe for the 2nd floor, 1st floor and basement. Carpenters framed walls on the first floor and blocked windows on the 1st floor also. Decking was started on the East side of the Heating and Refrigeration building and others worked on the handrails. VAC workers roughed-in ducts for the first floor, mezzanine and second floor. Finally, a subcontractor started dismantling the large crane to remove it from the site. Tuesday, workmen laid decking on the third floor. Others welded metal "timbers" for shoring up of manhole # 2. Other workmen started metal block work for the 2nd floor, and areaway stairway. Later other workmen grinded blocked windows and handrails. The crane -- having been dismantled -- was removed from the site.

Wednesday, workmen roughed-in ducts on all levels. They also roughed-in pipes in the basement and constructed block walls for the 2nd floor. They also roughed-in stud walls for the first floor. Finally, rough-in of the 3rd floor roof decking was started. Thursday, workmen completed demolition of walls in the basement, and roughed-in duct work for the mezzanine. Others roughed-in blocks for the basement, 2nd floor, 1st floor walls, and interior and exterior of the 3rd floor. Work continued on the roof decking. Work started back up for grading and excavating on Washington Ave. Friday, cement block work continued on the 2nd floor, basement and areaway. Decking was laid for the exterior and interior supports on the 3rd floor. Rough-in for pipes, window blocking and installation of decking on the H & R building continued. Finally, a sub-contractor installed the first "hot-patch" for the south side of Washington Ave roadway above where the storm drain had been installed.

Updated: June 6, 2003
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