January 5-11, 2003

This week, contractors completed setting the new chillers in place in the H & R building and the sub-contractors continued fabricating chill water line pipes for that building. After forming area walls for the new wing first floor, the areaway footings for the North and Northwest walls were poured. Contractors also continued installing rebar (Hoytt work) and footings for the first floor walls and columns.

January 13-17, 2003

This week, subcontractors started back filling the west and south area outside the new wing. They also started backfilling the southeast corner of the building. Additionally, they formed and installed a new rebar on the north areaway walls. They reinforced and installed the area slab on grade at the basement level and performed general reinforcement and cleanup on the site. As the weather was too cold, they could not pour additional concrete this week.

January 28-February 1, 2003

Last week,having to shut down for the inauguration and extreme cold weather caused a little delay for the constuction project, but some work still continued on the site.
Construction workers poured the slab on grade for the west areaway, and formed the first floor slab. They also formed the walls for the north stair basement to include installing rebar. They continued backfilling on the west and south side of the building and had to use a handpacker to pack the sand because of the limited space. They also started forming trusses for the new Heating and Refrigeration building. Finally, on Monday, they used a wet saw to cut through three feet of the northeast decorative front terrace wall. Removal of the decorative wall was necessary to tie into the new wing.

January 28

January 31

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