The Weeks of December 13-24, 2003

On Monday, December 15, 2003, contractors insulated the sub-basement and 2nd floor, installed ducts on the 2nd floor and welded on the 3rd floor. Electricians installed stairway lights, and plug exits on the 1st floor. Sheet rock was hung on the mezzanine, and sprinkler pipes was roughed-in in the north stairwell. Metal was installed on the north side of the building for support of future wall panels, while workmen continued to lay out the basement rail system. Another topping was poured in the basement. On Tuesday, contractors roughed-in and insulated exhaust ducts on the sub-basement and 2nd floor. Temporary lights were installed on the first floor, and sheet rock was hung in the high ceiling area. The drain line was installed in the basement through the 3rd floor. Contractors commenced installing wall panels on the N/E side of the building and work on the mezzanine system for rails continued. On Wednesday, riser duct work for the 2nd floor continued and areas in the sub-basement were insulated. Temp light work continued and electrical pipes were run to the 1st floor. Wires were pulled to the mezzanine. Sheet rock was hung in the high ceiling for the reference room and branch line piping was installed on the 3rd floor. Wall panel work continued on the N/E side of the build. Rail system work also continued. On Thursday, insulation for the sub-basement and 2nd floor continued and duct work was roughed in for the 2nd floor risers. Pipes were run for the lights and plugs on the 1st floor also. Sheet rock was hung in the high ceiling and taped on the 3rd floor. Branch lines were also installed on the 3rd floor. Wall panel work continued on the north side of the building. Rail covers were removed in the basement and RC1 on this date. On Friday, another topping was poured in the basement and sheet rock was also hung and taped. Sprinkler pipes were roughed-in on the 3rd floor. Pipes continued to be run for lights and plugs. Removal of rail covers in the basement and RC1 continued today. Finally, an overhang door was installed in the Heating and Refrigeration plant. On Monday, 22 December, 2003, insulation was installed on the sub-basement and 2nd floor. In the transformer vault and busway, electrical pipes were installed and wire pulled to the first floor. Sprinkler pipes continued to be roughed-in on the 3rd floor and wall panels were installed on the 3rd floor, N/W side of the building. The cement topping and installation of rails was complete in the basement and RC 1 today. On Tuesday, contractors continued to insulate and run pipes/wire from the transformer vault bus duct to the 1st floor. The mezzanine ceiling/wall was hung. Sprinkler heads were relocated and retested for leaks. Wall panels continued to be installed on the north side of the building, and heat channels installation work continued in RC1. On Wednesday, sheet rock was hung in the mezzanine and duct work continued on the 2nd floor.

The Week of December 8-12, 2003

On Monday, construction workers insulated the 1st floor, mezzanine and 2nd floor and ran piping to the 3rd floor. Electrical contractors installed outlet plugs and electrical connectors for the sub-basement electrical room and pulled wiring to the mezzanine. Other sub-contractors taped outside seams and hung sheetrock in the mezzanine. Sprinkler pipes were hung on the 3rd floor and strips were installed for wall panels. In the basement storage room, contractors continued to lay out the rail system for shelving. Steel was installed for the elevator. Finally, forms were stripped for manhole # 2. On Tuesday, conduit was run for the 2nd floor and temporary lights were installed in the stairwell. Wiring was pulled to the mezzanine and pipes were roughed-in to the 1st floor. Sheetrock was hung on the mezzanine high ceiling and joints taping continued outside the building. Sprinkler pipe work continued on the 3rd floor and flash strips were installed for wall panels.

Installation work commenced on the elevator car frame and shelving rail system layout also continued in the basement. The Heating and Refrigeration pit was cleaned out to permit weather proofing. On Wednesday, insulation work continued on the sub-basement, 2nd floor and 3rd floor condenser pipes. Rough-in of the fire ceiling fire alarms, along with light and power continued. Sheetrock was hung in the high ceiling, 1st floor and plywood was screwed-in in the hallway adjacent to room 116. The sprinkler pipes in the stairwell were roughed-in also. In the basement a light topping was poured in manhole number 2 after water was pumped out, and forms were stripped in manhole # 2. On Thursday and Friday, rough-in and insulation work on the sub-basement and 2nd floor and drains were set. Work continued on lights, power and the fire alarm. Sheetrock work also continued in the high ceiling area. Sprinkler pipe was also roughed-in on the 2nd floor. Metal strips were installed for wall panels. Basement rail system work layout continued and another topping was poured in the basement.

The Weeks of November 24 - December 5, 2003

Monday of last week, contractors continued insulating on the second floor of the new wing. They also installed duct work on the first floor and mezzanine, and steam-cleaned work drains. Electricians mounted panels in the electrical room, for telephone, and security controls on the mezzanine as well as fire exit lights. Other sub-contractors fire taped the third floor and framed the first floor. Subcontractors removed drill cable and hung a drill rig to support the elevator contractor. Cement contractors poured topping and prepped RC1. Cement block work also continued for the mezzanine chase.

On Tuesday, workers continued pouring topping at RC1 and insulation as on the previous date. Other sub-contractors hung sheetrock on the third floor stairwell, mezzanine, and the first floor. HVAC contractors worked on the first floor, riser ducts on the second floor and return frameouts on the mezzanine. EMR drilled holes for the hydraulic jack in the elevator shaft. The sprinkler contractor continued sprinkler rough-in on the second floor. Montgomery Fire Dept was on site to inspect sprinkler heads on the first mezzanine before ceiling close-up.

On Wednesday, riser duct work continued on the first and second mezzanine. Insulation also continued on the second. A large number of PVC pipes were brought on site to shore up the hydraulic cylinder hole. Branch line pipes were installed on the second floor under ducts also. Contractors hung drywall in the first floor and mezzanine also. Installation of shelving rails continued in the basement.

On Monday the following Dec. 1, contractors continued hanging sheetrock on the third floor, mezzanine and fire walls for the first floor. The elevator contractor set, plumbed, and backfilled 18" PVC casing for the elevator. More topping was poured for the basement. A drain was run to the steam generator, while contractors worked on the control valve heads on the north stairwell. Pipes were run to the mezzanine, electrical room, and the first floor panels. On Tuesday, pipes were cut under the first floor and the mezzanine riser ducts were insulated. Ducts were also insulated in the H & R building. Firewalls were also hung. The rail system in the basement was roughed-in also. On Wednesday, the second floor was grouted, and pipes were modified. Shrink pipes were roughed-in. Roof panels were unloaded also and more rail system components were laid out. The topping was poured in the basement and the south elevator wall joints were waterproofed with wall tape. On Thursday, riser ducts were roughed-in on the second floor and sheet rock was hung on the mezzanine level at the mechanical room. Shrink pipe was roughed-in at the second floor North stairwell while elevator contractors continued to work on the elevator hydraulic jack. The rail system was also grouted and a light weight topping was poured. The contractor pumped water on all floors. The electrician worked on power and light panels in the sub-basement. On Friday, the Alabama Power Co. sub-contractor finalized trenching work near the intersection of Adams Ave. and Union St. in support of main lines leading to our building.

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