The Week of August 25-29, 2003

Monday, contractors roughed-in pipe on the first floor and dug a trench for communication pipe in the sub-basement. They worked on the bulkhead for the first floor, mezzanine and fire columns on the 3rd floor. They set the stair landing in the southwest end also. Finally concrete block work continued in the sub-basement. On Tuesday, they backfilled, cleaned up manhole 2 and rubbed and patched walls. They worked on cement block and fire columns for the 3rd floor, bulkheads in the mezzanine, high ceiling in the lobby and the reference room. On Wednesday, contractors roughed-in steam pipe in the tunnel, worked on pipe steam traps and insulated ducts on the first floor and mezzanine. They roughed-in pipes for the first floor to the sub-basement. Cement block work on the sub-basement continued along with work on the manhole # 2. Electrical sub-contractors completed drilling access holes in the AUT to facilitate installation of electrical wiring. On Thursday contractors roughed-in expansion joints in the tunnel, tested water for the first floor roughed-in manhole 1 & 2. They roughed-in pipes for the 1st floor and mezzanine and roughed-in block walls for the sub-basement. They waterproofed manhole 2, continued with cement block work in the basement and framed the high ceiling on the 3rd floor. Friday, contractors roughed-in expansion joints for the sub-basement and worked on the fire ceiling for the sub-basement. They continued back filling manhole # 2 also. Additionally, all this week, contractors worked on installing bituminous damp-proofing on the building exterior.

The Week of August 18-23, 2003

Early this week, contractors continued duct work on the mezzanine, and in the basement of the existing building. Fire sprinkler pipe was also roughed-in on the mezzanine. Cement block work continued on the basement, and sub-basement, and 2nd floor. Blocks were filled on the North west tunnel also. Electrical pipes were run on the 2nd door and electricians also ran 3 1/2 pipe in the sub-basement. More windows were set in place on the first floor and mezzanine. Units were set in place for the 3rd floor and sheathing was hung on that floor. Exterior sheathing and bulkheads on the first floor were put in place. Mid-week, contractors worked on the 3rd floor fire columns, 1st floor interior framing and bulk heads. Pipes were also roughed-in in the mezzanine and high ceiling areas. Scaffolding was unloaded on site. Pipes were roughed-in on the 2nd floor and temporary lights put in place for the first floor. Control valves were roughed-in also. Air handler units were installed on rails and contractors laid the raised third floor. The pattern for the lobby ellipse was also laid out by DMI Tile. Finally, contractors poured the 2nd eight foot lift for manhole # 2 vault.

The Week of August 11-15, 2003

The ADAH Board of Trustees met for their quarterly meeting on August 14. ADAH Director Ed Bridges provided a behind-the-scenes tour of the new wing for the Trustees.

This week, contractors continued rough-in of duct work on the sub-basement, basement, mezzanine and 2nd floor Sub-contractors backfilled steam and condensate pipe from the Heating and Refrigeration building to manhole # 1 and from manhole # 1 to manhole # 2. Other sub-contractors formed and poured the first 8' wall section of manhole # 2 and set sleeves. Carpenters continued wood blocking at windows and another contractor arrived on the job to set windows on the first floor. Cement block work continues in the sub-basement. Painting contractors are on site painting the ceiling in the basement and mezzanine floors. Other contract workers continue with the fire ceiling, wrapping of columns, interior framing and sheathing. Finally a new sub-contractor started pipe insulation in chases in the sub-basement.

The Week of August 4-8, 2003

Last week, contractors continued duct rough-in on the basement, 1st and 2nd floors of the new wing. They also continued rough-in of underground steam, chill water condensate pipe from manhole 1 & 2. A sub-contractor (Wollard Brothers) installed fire ceiling on the third floor and worked on interior framing at the mezzanine level. Cement block work continues on both the 2nd floor and basement along with exterior sheathing on all levels. Rebar was also installed at manhole 2 in preparation for the wall pour. The excavation contractor completed the initial Washington Ave street patching along with the sidewalk pour on that side. After at least 30 days of proper settling of the street patch, contractors will repave the entire street. Finally, contractors have started installing windows on the North and West side of the building (1st floor and mezzanine).

The Week of July 28-August 1, 2003

Updated: September 5, 2003
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