January - March 1997

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Alabama Blue Book. 1997 edition. Montgomery, Ala.: Capitol Press, 1993- . Placed at Archival Reference desk. [ALAV93-S0]
[Ref. 351.2 Al315 1997] *

Benson Funeral Home Records, (July 1930--August 1933), Andalusia, Alabama. 2 volumes. [S. l.] : Lisa R. Franklin, 1994. [ALAV97-B41]
[Ref.-County Covington 363.750976127 B474] ***

Blankenship, Bob. Cherokee Roots. Volume 2: Western Cherokee Rolls. 3rd. edition. Cherokee, N.C.: Bob Blankenship, c1992. [ALAV97-B16]
[R. Ref. 929.3089975 B642c 1992] ***

Brannen, Ralph N. Alabama Bibliography: Books, Articles, Theses, Dissertations. Oxford, Ala.: Ralph N. Brannen, c1996. [ALAV97-B40]
[R. Ref. 016.91761 B821a] *

Cannon, Margaret H. Index to The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volumes I-X, 1973-1982. Spartanburg, S.C.: Reprint Co., 1985. [ALAV97-B33]
[R. Ref. 929.3757 So726i v. 1-10] ***

A Collection of Biographies of Women Who Make a Difference in Alabama. Birmingham, Ala.: The League of Women Voters of Alabama, c1995. [ALAV97-B13]
[Ref. 920.72 C697] *

Compton, Thomas Heflin. Pioneer Families of Crenshaw County, Alabama. Inverness, Fla. : Thomas H. & Myrtle M. Compton, [between 1980 and 1991] [ALAV97-B49]
[Ref.-County Crenshaw 929.20976136 C738p] ***

Conference of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, Assessment and Reporting Grantees (1983 : Atlanta, Ga.) Documenting America: Assessing the Condition of Historical Records in the States : Consultant Reports Presented at the Conference of the national Historical Publications and Records Commission, Assessment and Reporting Grantees, Atlanta, Georgia, June 24-25, 1983. Atlanta, Ga.: NASARA in cooperation with NHPRC, 1984. [ALAV97-B32]
[Oversize Ref. 025.171 Un58c 1983] ***

Drake, Paul E. What Did They Mean by That?: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists. Bowie, Md: Heritage Books, 1994. [ALAV97-B17]
[R. Ref. 423.1 D762w] *

Flade, Roland. The Lehmans, from Rimpar to the New World: A Family History. Wurzburg: Konigshausen & Newmann, c1996. [ALAV97-B42]
[Ref. 929.20973 F573l] ** and***

Hamilton, Virginia Van der Veer. Hugo Black; the Alabama Years. [Tuscaloosa, Ala.]: University of Alabama Press, c1982, c1972. [ALAV97-B31]
[Ref. 347.732634 B627h 1982] ***

Index to Obituaries in the Mobile Register. Mobile, Ala.: Mobile Public Library, 1987- . No. 1 (1986)- . 1987. On shelf; never cataloged. [ALAV97-S0]
[R. Ref. 920.0976122 In38 1987] ***

Kelsey, Michael. Marriage and Death Notices from the South Western Baptist Newspaper. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, c1995. [ALAV97-B23]
[R. Ref. 920.09761 K29s] *

_____. The Southern Argus: Obituaries, Death Notices, and Implied Deaths, June 1869 through June 1874. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, c1996. [ALAV97-B18]
[R. Ref. 920.0973 K29s] *

Kinshasa, Kwando Miassi. The Man from Scottsboro: Clarence Norris and the Infamous 1931 Alabama Rape Trial, in His Own Words. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., Inc., c1997. [ALAV97-B28]
[Ref. 345.7619502532 K56m] *

McLeod, Stephen A. The House of Cantelou & Co.: The Story of a Southern Family : A Genealogy. Tallahasse, FL (602 Lakeshore Dr., North Tallahassee, 32312-1514): Stephen A. McLeod, 1995. [ALAV97-B43]
[Ref. 929.20973 C229m] ***

Mann, Marion. The Kigh, Mann, Reagin, and Sykes Families: Including the Branch, Brown, Dean, Fort, Gerran, Leake, Marquis, Moses, Oakes, Powell, Reid, Trammell, Walk, Wilkey, Wingfield, and Woods Familes: A Genealogy and Family History. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 1995. [ALAV97-B44]
[Ref. 929.208996073 K47m] ***

Mills, Charlotte Allen. In Search of Indian Ancestors. [S.l.: s.n.], c1995. [ALAV97-B45]
[R. Ref. 929.1072097 M657i] ***

Milner, Anita Cheek. Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory. 5th ed., rev. and expanded. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1992. [ALAV97-B24]
[Ref. 929.102573 M659n 1992] ***

Perry County Heritage. 2 volumes. [S. l.: Perry County Historical and Preservation Society], c1991- . [ALAV97-B30]
[Ref.-County Perry 976.14406 P458] ***

Rabinowitz, Howard N. Race Relations in the Urban South, 1865-1890. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1996. Reprint. [ALAV97-B14]
[Ref. 975.00496073 R116r 1996] *

Ramage, Martis Donald. The Ramage Family of Laurens County, South Carolina. [Nettleton, Miss.] : Martis D. Ramage, c1996. [ALAV97-B39]
[Oversize Ref. 929.20973 R165r] ***

Regimental Histories of the American Civil War. [microfilm] Ann Arbor, Mich.: UMI, 1991-1993. Unit 5: Alabama and Florida only (70 microfiche/21 items). Inventory. Available in repository. [ALAV97-B54]
[Microfiche 973.74 R335] *

Scott, John B. In Due Time and Season: A History of Grace Episcopal Church at Mt. Meigs, Alabama. Montgomery, Ala.: Black Belt Press, 1994. [ALAV97-B27]
[Ref. 283.76147 Sco427i] ***

Stack, Trudy Wilner. Christenberry Reconstruction: The Art of William Christenberry. Jackson, Miss.: University Press of Mississippi, c1996. [ALAV97-B29]
[Oversize Ref. 709.2 St775c] *

Wagner, Lois Minor. A Nostalgic Look at Selma Theatres. Selma, Ala.: Marshall Williams, [1995] [ALAV97-B53]
[Ref.-County Dallas 792.0976145 W133n] ***

Warren, Mary Bondurant. Family Puzzlers, 1964-1967. Danielsville, Ga.: Heritage Papers, c1969. [ALAV97-B38]
[Ref. 070.4499291 W291f 1964-1967]

Watts, Mary E. Hatchett Creek Presbyterian Church, 1832 - 1982: Clay County, Alabama. [S. l. : s.n., 1982] [ALAV97-B25]
[Oversize Ref. 285.176158 W352h] ***

Wilkins, Jean. Hardy Wilkins of Montgomery, Alabama, and His Descendants. [Fergus Falls, Minn.: Jean & James C. Wilkins, 1994] [ALAV97-B21]
[Oversize Ref. 929.20973 W684w] ***

Wiltshire, Betty Couch. Fayette County, Alabama Marriage and Probate Records. Carrollton, Miss.: Pioneer Pub. Co., c1994. [ALAV97-B26]
[Ref.-County Fayette 929.30976187 W756f] ***


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Hamilton, Virginia Van der Veer. Hugo Black; the Alabama Years. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, c1972. [ALAV97-B22]
[Ref. 347.732634 B627h] *

Madaus, Howard Michael. The Battle Flags of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Public Museum, c1976. [ALAV97-B34]
[Stack CM 355.150975 M178b] ***

Rabinowitz, Howard N. Race Relations in the Urban South, 1865-1890. New York: Oxford University Press, 1978. [ALAV97-B15]
[Ref. 305.896073 R116r]

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