New Echota Gar. Dec. 30th 1835

To His Excellency C. C. Clay
            Governor of Ala.
     It is with great pleasure that I announce to you, that I concluded a
treaty with the people of the Cherokee Nation, in general council
assembled at New Echota Ga. Dec. 29th 1835. The treaty provided
for the Removal of the Indians within two years, and secures to them
the peacable enjoyment of their possessions during this time. It also
provides for the immediate survey of the lands, pre-emption rights to
such heads of Cherokee families as desire to live in the States of
Alabama, Tennessee, So & N. Carolina and are qualified or
calculated to become useful members of Society. The other provisions
of the treaty are not materially different from the provisions drawn up
 at Washington last winter, with which you are well acquainted.

                                          I am with great Respect
                                                       Your Obt servt.
                                                       J. F. Schermerhorn

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C.C. Clay administrative records, SG6483 folder 13