Red Clay Council Ground
                                                 Oct 14 1835

To the Chiefs Head men & Warriors
    of the Cherokee Indians in
      General Council Assembled.

                      The United States Commissioners to treat with
the Cherokees East have been informed by your principal chief of this
meeting; and that you will be prepared to act definitively upon
such business, as the Commissioners may submit for your consider-
	The Commissioners have the pleasure to inform you,
that they are prepared, at this Council to enter into negociations
for a settlement of all the difficulties between the Cherokees
and the United States and for a cession of all their lands East
of the Mississippi on the basis of the award of the Senate for
the same being five millions of dollars. That there may be no
misunderstanding we inform you that we deem it unnecessary to 
submit to this Council the propositions for a Treaty which have
already been explained to the Nation at the Council of Running
Waters; because we understand there are objections to some points
which the Commissioners have powers to alter. And we are happy
to assure you that there is every dispositon on the part of the
Commissioners to conclude a Treaty as favorable & satisfactory
to the Indians as thier instructions will enable them to do.
Candour however compells them to say that if the present council
do not conclude a Treaty, the Commissioners will then conviene the
Council of the Nation at such a time & place, as they may think
best to submit the proposition as they now stand. We also feel
authorized to assure you that the President of the United States
will recieve no deligation of your Nation at Washington to settle
these difficulties if they reject the overtures now made to them
by the Govt. of the United States. What ever is done in this
matter must be done in the Nation.
                                  Very Respectfully
                                          Your obedient servant.
                                                   J.F. Schermerhorn.

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C.C. Clay administrative records, SG6483 folder 13