Ashville, 14th May 1825


We a part of the Chiefs of the Creek Nation of Indians who Signed the late
treaty with the United States represent to your Excellency that a few of the
members of this Town have risen in rebellion against us + have killed
McIntosh, Hawkins Higgins Choormaso + Chilley a few days past-- + Sentenced 
death to us.  We have for the present taken refuge under the Whites in this
County + as we are dependant on their mercy for support, We ardently wish
you if consistant with your powers + authority + policy to take into
consideration our awful Situation + bestow upon us such aid as you may deem
Expedient. We will also state that a White man was Killed with McIntosh whom
we suppose to be a traveller. This Sir, we do not mention to rouse your Just
indignation, but believing You will feel for the distressed of your fellow
mortals however destitute of Civilization + that you'll afford that
protection your Office permits.
						Your Most Obd. Servt.--
Test								his	
Moss Luter					     Alexander   X    Lasley
Justice of the Peace						mark
Polydore Naylor						his
							  Jim   X   Fife
							Spoka  X  Cogo
							Honager  X
							Autorce  X  Boy
							Slanckaa    X

P.S. Please write us what you can do for us by next mail--

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C.C. Clay administrative records, SG4161 folder 5