Execution Department,
						Tuscaloosa, June 21st 1836

Pursuant to the request of the President of the United States, communicated in the annexed letter from the Secretary of War, bearing date on the 25th ultimo, it is my duty to cause to be raised, in this State, two thousand volunteers, to be placed immediately in the service of the United States; By the provisions of the Act of Congress, approved 23rd of May 1836---under the authority of which this requisition is made-the volunteers will "be liable to be called upon to do military duty only in case of Indian hostilities, or to repel invasion, whenever the President shall judge proper." Regarding our locality, and the numerous Indian population amoung us, no state is more deeply interested in efficiently defending, against hostilities of either class, than this; consequently, an appeal to the patriotism and chivalry of Alabama, can not be made in vain. The probability of invasion is remote; and, it is confidently believed, this will be the last occasion on which a call of this nature will be rendered necessary, whilst any portion of the Indian tribes of the southwest remains on this side of the Mississippi. Recent occurrences, amongst the Creeks and Cherokees, indicate the importance of having an efficient force, at all times, ready to take the field at a moments warning. Hence, I indulge the sanguine hope, that my fellow citizens will evince the same laudable patriotism, and promptitude, in responding to this call of their country, which have distinguished them so honorably, heretofore, on all similar occasions.
To accomplish the object in view, you will, as soon as practicable, after receiving this order, cause your command to be assembled by Regiments, and accept such volunteer Corps, as are already organized, and may tender their services, with their present officers, and organization.
You will at the same time, accept individual volunteers, and, when they amount to a sufficient number, cause them to be organized into companies, and suffer them to elect their company officers. You will accept any number of volunteers that may tender their services; and, if the whole number raised in the State should exceed two thousand, the preference will be given according to priority of enrolment.
Each company will consist of one captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, four sergeants, four corporals, one drummer, one fifer, or bugler, and fifty privates. One half the number of companies may be mounted, and the other half Infantry; and the troops, so raised, will be requested to serve twelve months, unless sooner discharged.
Regiments will be authorized to elect their Colonels commandant, and Battalions their Lieutenant Colonels, & Major, respectively. When raised and organized, Major Gen. Jesup, of the United States Army, will cause the troops to be mustered into service, and have them supplied with the necessary camp equipage, army &c.
You will report to me, at as early a moment as practicable, the number of volunteers, enrolled within your command, their organization, and the names, and grades of the officers elected- that their commission may be forwarded. Very Respectfully. Your obt svt. C.C.Clay

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C.C. Clay administrative records, SG6239 folder 10