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Return address:  Tuscumbia
			July 19th
Addressed to:  
Thomas Weldon Powell esqr
  		  	        } Hendersonville, 
			        }  Nottoway
			        }  County
     	                        }   Virginia
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			Franklin County Alabama
			(near Tuscumbia) 12 July 1824

Dear Brother

	I  hasten to acknowledge the receipt of your 
letter dated 17th March 1824—it was very acceptable but 
would have been much more so if it had been dated 
17th March 1823, and had come to hand twelve months 
sooner—you acknowledge yourself a bad correspondent
which mitigates the crime in some degree and shows a
noble spirit to confess our errors; but permit me to say
that the apology contained in your letter for being a
"bad correspondent" is not entirely satisfactory:  but I dismiss 
the subject hopeing an apology will not hereafter be neces-
sary for a good one can hardly be offered for not writing oftener
than once in twelve months.
	I presume from the superscription of your letter (it being
directed to Huntsville) that you are not aprised of my
having left that section of country—I have removed—
seventy five miles lower down the Tenn. River—I am now
in the County of Franklin on the south bank of the river
at the foot of the Muscle Shoals within four miles of the
Town of Tuscumbia and within eight miles of the town of
Florence the first of which is on the south side the river—the
latter on the north something like Manchester and Richmond 
in Va.—they are even now places of great trade and considera-
-ble importance but are waging an eternal war against 
each other—which will eventually predominate is at this time 
uncertain.  It is only four miles west of me to the Chickasaw 
nation—here are Game and fish in abundance which may 
be procured with but little trouble to those who are fond of
the chase or at a small expence to those not fond of hunting.
A fine Turkey or Venison ham (not Rams hams as imposed on you) 
may be
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be had of the Aborigines (who pass my door daily going to town)
at 25 cents for either.
This section of country is considered the most desirable part of
Alabama—indeed it is almost a Paradise—it being entirely below
the Muscle Shoals as before observed and consequently at the head
of Steamboat navigation—the country is certainly much
more healthy than where we were raised—the lands rich
and fertile in the extreme, and well adapted to the
culture of cotton which you know is the Staple of our
country.  It is no hard matter to make more than we
can pick out by the next planting time besides plenty of 
corn &etc.—We may be considered nearer market than you are as
it costs us less to freight our produce to N. Orleans than
it does you to Waggon yours to Petersberg or Richmond:
The lands in this neighbourhood sold at the land sales at from
10 to 40 $ per acre—the highest priced lands and of 
course the best have reverted to Government under the Act
of Congress entitled an Act for the relief of Land Purchasers
but in fact an Act for the relief of land Speculators—the
lands so forfeited will in all probability be again bro.t into
market sometime next year when it is hoped they may be
had at fair prices, however there are various opinions on
this subject—great preparations are making and as we get
tolerable prices for our cotton and that in good money,
choice tracts may again go high; however the land grabbers
are pretty well done over and as the lands are now to be sold
for cash  instead of a long credit as before, hopes are entertained
that they may be had at moderate prices.
If you have not abandoned the idea of Alabama and as your
pecuniary matters are in all probability much changed since
I advised you not to move to Ala. I will suggest for your con-
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consideration the propriety of your sending as many hands as
 you can conveaniently purchase and settle them near me where
I can superintend them, and then for you to come at some
future period.
	I am informed by letter from Amanda since 
her marriage that her husband self (torn) Peter intend
comeing to this country this fall or Winter.  I earnestly rec-
-commend them to do so as I think it would greatly promote
their interest—She also informs me that our mother is disposed 
to come here, if so, please assist her in making the necessary
arrangements as I am certain it would promote her interest
and happiness and ultimately be of considerable (illegible)
to us all particularly the younger children—I will
come to Va. Myself and assist her in making the necessary
arrangements and in moving; therefore encourage her to
	Please inform me what has been done with the land
in Cumberland and ^all about that affair?  Also inform me
what has been done with Standfields suit for the recovery
of boy Isham and wheather a final settlement of 
Grandfathers Es.t has been made, &etc.
John H. Hundley a friend of mine will probably call
on you sometime in next month on his way to Brunswick
to get a bit of a wife—consider him a Gentleman.
Inform me how many children your wife has their
name sex &etc.
	Your acquaintance and your wife, [Ealiva](?)
were well a short time since?  Parson Leigh often
preaches in Tuscumbia?  It is reported that Eliza [Towne](?)
is shortly to be married to a Mr. Bester a baptist minister.
	Please send your Newspapers after reading them and
I.l send you mine in return—This leaves us in good
health—may it find you all enjoying a like blessing—Be sure
to write on or before the 17th March next.  Yours as usual
                              	A. Powell


W.A. Powell Letter, SPR163, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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