Document 2a transcript:

Somerville 1 May 1822
His Excellency Israel Pickens
At the April Term of the Cir
uit Court of Morgan County. (Alabama)
Adam Lowrey was convicted of Hog stealing for
which he was sentenced, and received on his
bare back twenty five lashes. At the same Term
he was charged with Horse stealing and on his arraignment
he plead guilty. And was sen
tenced to be branded in the hand and to
receive thirty nine stripes. He was branded
in the presence of the court and the ballance
of the sentence was respited for six weeks.
It was the opinion of Judge Ellis and the attorney
General (as will be shewn to you) that Lowrey was
and is an object of Executive Clemency.
Lowrey is a very poor man, has a wife & seven
small children, who are at the present in very
deprest circumstances. He appears very penitent
promises reformation, and that he will go to work
for the releif of his family. He has lay in
Jail from about christmas last (page break) as far as I have had the opinion of the community,
it appears about this. That
if the punishment already inflicted
will not work the desired reformation, that
nothing short of death will.
I have} the honor to be your Excellency's} Obedient Humble servant} W Gray Sheriff of} Morgan County.} P.S. I here take the liberty of stating to your
Excellency, that Judge Kelly, who defended
Lowrey, wrote to you, in substance nearly
the same as stated by Judge Ellis & Major
Eastland, but by some means has been
lost in my office. M. Gray

Alabama Governor (1821-1825: Pickens), Pardons, paroles and clemency files, SG4162, folder 9, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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