Document 1a transcript

To his Excellency Israel Pickens (tear) the State of Alabama the un (tear)
fully, represent to your (tear) at a Circuit, Court; held in and for the 
(tear) of Shelby on the third Monday after the fourth Monday in March 
1822. That Zachariah Butler, Blasingame Nabors, Richard Consor, 
James Consor, & Abram Nash, were convicted as being aidors and 
abetors, in committing, a mayhem, by biting, off a small part of one
James A Moors left ear, and that they were severly fined, and sentenced 
to stand in the Pilary, one hour, in a day, for three successive days and 
we further represent that it appeared on trial that they have ever 
supported the character of good, peacible, Citizens and respected by 
all their neighbors and acquaintances and that the mayhem was 
committed by one Samuel Nixon, on the 25th Day of December last 
at a Publick Gathering, we therefore recommend to your Excellency 
that they be severly pardoned so far as respects the ignominious part 
of this punishment  VCH.

Jack Shackelford	} Louis Berry
Wm Randall M.D.         } Sam W ???
M.A. Porter  M.D.	} James W. Burke  J.P.
Martin M. Leroy	        } Benj Owens 
William Coupland	} Samuel Bowden
George Tubb		} William Millard
Jacob Johnson	        } Robert Gamble
C W, Owens		} David M. Reynolds


Alabama Governor (1821-1825: Pickens), Pardons, paroles and clemency files, SG4162, folder 10, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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