Document 3 transcript:  

The Alabama Territory		Dr To  William Anderson


For 20 Days attendance in the General Assembly 	 }
as a representative from the 2nd to the 21st November }	$100
			both inclusive at $5 per diem	}

	Mileage in going to & returning from St. Stephens   }
	say 160 miles, at $5 for every 20 miles 	    }  $40

	I do hereby certify that the above account
 is correct;  and the auditor of public  
accounts will issue his warrant in favor 
of said Anderson for the said sum of 
one hundred & forty Dollars.
Given under my hand in the representative
 Hall, this 21 November 1818.
					J.W. Walker
					Speaker of the House 
					of Representatives


Alabama Comptroller of Public Accounts, Vouchers, SG8355, Folder 3, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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