Document 8 Transcript:

Address on front of letter - To The head Chief in the Creek Nation Note on back of letter - Adam James' Letter James was Scotchman living in the Choctaw nation in what is now Noxubee County. Tombigby November 29th 1813 Dear Brothers I Embrace this opportunity to write you a few lines concerning the situation We are In Some of your Warriors has takin some horses from Us & I want you to put a stop to it as we want to keep in friendship as we are two people a like there is no White man has any stock about this place I hear that -- Pushimatohah & Twenty of his Warriors has joined the Americans against you but all the other part of our Nation wishes to be at peace--- I am Informed that some of your people is a going to make the ground shake. If you believe it is so I [want] you to write to me concerning of it & let me know how you come on with Americans for I am In a great dread that you will be all cut of [f] Send a answer the first opportunity so no more from you loving Brother & C Adam James

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