Document 7 Transcript
Mateo Gonzales, Manrique, 
Governor of Spanish West Florida
Letter 15 Nov 1813

	Pensacola Nov. 15th 1813
My friend and Brother [Indian Warrior]
	I received your friendly letters in which I find
that Mr. Durgin has carried a letter to the nation
respecting a runaway Negro which put you to much
trouble; the letter was not wrote by me nor have I any
knowledge of it, or of the person who directed it.

	My friend, I well know that you are 
poor and distressed and have in consequence represented
your situation to the Captain General of the
Havana requesting him to send me some goods for 
you whenever these are come I shall immediately 
let you know it by sending an express to the nation
but until then I advise you as Brothers not to come 
as the store houses at present are empty not having
neither goods or provisions, the Captain General knows
all this, he knows my situation and wants, he is
a ^ friend to your nation, and of course I confidently
expect he will shortly send me the necessary supplies
 in the mean while believe me your sincere friend
and firm friend.
(Signed)   Mateo Gonz'l Manrique
A.	S. Mr. Durgin is arrived and I have heard 
his talk.

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