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Copy.			Orange Hill Fla
			13 June 1864.
Gov. Milton
	My Dr. Sir
		I am in receipt of communication from 
Gov. Watts of Ala stating that he hoped to be furnished
by lee War with a battery of four guns and to be per-
mitted to furnish an infantry & artillery Co. to cooperate
with your Excellency in the protection of the Salt Works
at West Bay.  It is earnestly hoped that this arrange-
ment may meet with yr Excellency's approbation &
that by the suggested co-operation of this State & Ala.
Such security may be afforded the Salt makers here as
to insure the large amt of Salt thereby to be produced.
	The operatives have so long & so often been injured
& annoyed by insignificant raids upon their works that
unless protection from some quarter, be afforded the business
will be entirely abandoned and our country suffer to the
large amt of Salt capable of being produced there.  A
very small force at the proper place might easily have
captured or prevented any raiding party which has yet
been there & the Salt Makers will willingly pay the ex-
penses of the required protection & then be able to furnish
salt at a lower price than at present.
	Knowing that you feel an intense interest in
the welfare of our country & hoping this subject will
claim yr particular attention
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			I am
			    Yr obt svt
            A.	P. Everett
P.S.  	I have just learned that a raid was
 made upon the salt works a few days since and
for the first time this year, kettles were broken
besides the usual stealing of negroes & provisions.
	Some few operatives have determined to persevere
but others have abandoned the work & while the 
danger exists few if any other works will be com-
menced.		D.P.E.


Letter from A.P. Everett to Gov. Milton, 13 June 1864," Alabama Salt Commission, General correspondence, SG5979, folder 25, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.