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Capt Charles E. Sherman } Office of Chief Agent of Impressment
	Special Agent       } 	Mobile July 11 1864
		Mobile      }


	Authentic intelligence received by the Commanding
General leaves no doubt of the fact that the enemy intend to
attempt to force their way into Mobile Bay within a few days
The defences in the lower bay require the immediate presence
of a large laboring force to place them in a condition of complete
defence, and another force of greater numbers to complete and finish
the fortifications around the city.—It is impossible to procure
them in time from the various counties in the state in which
negroes are now being impressed.—
	Under the pressure of this necessity and to protect
the city on all sides from the imminent danger of the contemplated
attack, which if successful, must give the enemy control of all
South Alabama, I am directed by Genl. Maury to order you
to proceed to the Salt works in Clark & Washington Counties, and
to procure from the owners of slaves there employed one half
of the negroes engaged at said points in labor.—
	I am satisfied that it is only necessary to apprize the
owners of said Slaves of the paramount necessity now existing for
their labor, in order to the preservation of the city of Mobile
and thereby the southern portion of the State embracing their 
Salt works, to secure their full united and patriotic co-operation
with you in furnishing the required labor.—
	In addition to this negro force, the Commanding General
requires Mules, Wagons and other vehicles of transportation,
reserving such as may be necessary for the use of the one half  left at
the works.—You will make known to the proprieter of the
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Salt works and others having negroes at work of the over-ruling necessity
for the labor of their hands & teams.--  It will be obvious to them that
if the enemy succeed in capturing our city that not only will their
present occupations be destroyed, and the possession of their slaves
endangered and that the only course left for them to pursue, consistent 
with duty and patriotism is to aid readily in all measures which the 
military authorities deem necessary for the protection and preservation
of their property.—
	It is proper that they should be assured that the use of
their property will be limited by the duration of the necessity which 
requires it, and that their negroes and teams shall be restored to them
so soon as it ceases.--  In the meantime as rapidly as the negroes arrive
from the country, impressed by the agents of this office in the different
counties, the negroes now directed to be taken shall be returned to their
	I need not remind you of the necessity of exercising a calm
and courteous demeanor in the performance of the duties imposed
upon you by these orders, and in inviting the cordial and efficient
co-operation of the owners of the property now so urgently needed, in
making it immediately useful and available to the Military Au=
=thorities charged with the defence of this portion of our State.—
	I send with you Col A. B. Wright to aid you in the
prompt and rapid execution of these orders.—
			I am very Respectfully
				Your obt. servant,
		(Signed)		F. S. Blount

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Capt Charles E. Sherman } Office of Chief Agent of Impressment
     Special Agent & C      } 		Mobile July 16th 1864
     Clarke County Ala      }

	You will not send any negroes from the
State Salt Works for the defence of Mobile until you receive
further orders from me.—
	Genl Maury at the request of Col B. M.
Woolsey State Commissioner desires to  learn from Govr Watts
his views on the subject before taking action against the Negroes
in the employment of the State
				Very Respectfully & C
		"Signed"		F. S. Blount

On back of letter:  Col. F. S. Blount
			July 16/64
		Genl Riggs will answer
	Ansd July 18th
	The Governors views
	will be found in a
	Telegraphic Message

	sent you today
  A.	Riggs, Adj. Gen'l


Letter from Col. F.S. Blount to Capt. Charles E. Sherman, 11 July 1864," Alabama Salt Commission, General correspondence, SG5979, folder 25, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama..