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(Copy)		Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. Nov. 16th 1861 Gen'l Duff E. Greene Q.M. Gen Mobile Sir. The sole object of the law recently passed by the Legislature prohibiting the exportation of salt, and authorising the Executive to take possession of it for public use, was first to retain within the limits of our State such an amount as was absolutely essential to the necessities of our own inhabitants, and secondly to prevent the serious evils which must re- sult from speculators and monopolists obtaining the control of an article which in our present condition must be ranked as a necessity of life. I cannot suppose however that it could have been the intention of the Legislature to cut off the citizens of Mississippi who from their local position have been and are dependant upon the Mobile market for their supply of this commodity, and in the execu- tion of the law referred to I feel it would be unjust to them to discriminate in favor of our own population. You will therefore not interfere with the sales for family use which may be made to any citizen of Mississippi or this state for other than to require satisfactory evidence by affidavit, that the purchase is made for the family use of the purchaser and not for resale or speculation. In relation to the price charged, I do not at this time see any good reason why it should not be left to the parties, promising however that if an unjust or oppressive use shall be executed by the holder, as to the rates of sale I shall not hesitate to execute the power in such cases which as been con- ferred upon me by the Legislature and take the entire control of the article. So far as you are concerned you will allow the owners to direct the sale, subject to the in- structions (?) I have specified, and requiring the affidavit to be filed with you, stating the name and residence of the purchaser, the seller, the quantity sold and the price and reporting to me any advance in the rates, and by whom from time to time if you deem necessary. Small lots held by dealers for the consump- tion of the city, I shall not at present interfere with. Very respectfully (signed) A. B. Moore


Letter from Gov. A.B. Moore to Q.M. General Duff E. Greene, 16 Nov. 1861," Alabama Salt Commission, General correspondence, SG5979, folder 23, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.