1. Study the map for two (2) minutes.
2. For what purpose is this map intended? Is it topographic contour-line map? A military map? Political map? Natural resource map?
3. What are the physical qualities of the map? Is it handwritten? Does it have notations? A legend (key)? A title? A scale?
4. What is the date of map?
5. Where was the map produced?
6. Who created the map?
7. List three things in this map that you think are important.
8. Why do you think the map was drawn?
9. What evidence in the map suggests why it was drawn?
10. What information does the map add to the textbook's account of this event?
11. Does the information in this map support or contradict information that you have read about this event? Explain.
12. Write a question to the mapmaker that is left unanswered by this map.
Revised: 2/11/97