Eighth Alabama
Cavalry Regiment

This regiment was organized in April 1864 at Newbern, by adding a company to the nine of Hatch's battalion, which had entered the service the previous winter. Ordered at once to Blue Mountain, the regiment was under General Pillow. Moving into north Georgia, the regiment was in the desperate encounter at Lafayette, with a loss of 30 killed and wounded and about 75 prisoners. Shortly after, the Eighth fought at Rome, losing about 20 men killed and wounded. It was ordered to west Florida soon after, and was in front of Steele as he moved on Pollard. The Eighth surrendered at Gainesville, after some further operations of minor importance.

Field and Staff

Lemuel D. Hatch of Greene was entitled to the colonelcy of this regiment, having recruited it by authority, but Gen. Polk appointed Charles P. Ball of Montgomery colonel, L. D. Hatch lieutenant colonel, and Richard H. Redwood of Mobile major. Pending a discussion of the question, Col. Hatch was wounded and captured (and Major Redwood killed) at LaFayette, and Colonel Ball continued in command, though Hatch's commission as colonel was issued.

Adjutants - J. Catlin Cade of Marengo.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Tuskaloosa -- W. T. Poe.

Tuskaloosa -- L. N. Cole.

Sumter -- James V. Tutt.

Dallas -- M. M. Burke.

Greene -- G. G. Perrin; killed at Pine-barren Creek. Brett Randolph.

Marengo -- E. Charles England.

Tuskaloosa -- W. H. Lawrence; killed at Rome. E. W. Owen.

Chocta -- Eugene C. Rhodes; captured at LaFayette.

Greene -- James Harrison; captured at Lafayette.

Fayette -- W. H. Whitley.

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