Sixty-Fifth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

The nucleus of this regiment was the Fourth Alabama battalion of reserves, seven companies, which organized in July 1864 at Mobile, with Wm. M. Stone of Sumter as lieutenant colonel, and E. M. Underhill of Mobile as major. The battalion was in garrison at MobiIe, and in November was orgnaized as the Sixty-fifth regiment. In December the regiment was sent to east Mississippi to repel a raid, and remained there several weeks. Ordered from Mobile to North Carolina, the regiment was stopped at Montgomery, and ordered to report to Gen. Buford. It retired before Wilson's column to Gerard, and participated in the battle there, losing several killed and wounded, and the remainder mostly captured.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- E. M. Underhill of Mobile.

Lieut. Colonels -- E. Toomer of Mobile.

Majors -- S. B. Waring of Mobile.

Adjutants -- C. F. Westfeldt of Mobile; resigned. C. H. Minge of Mobile.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Mobile -- A. J. Leslie; captured at Girard.

Mobile -- .... Bass; captured at Mobile.

Mobile -- .... Magoffin.

Monroe --....Snowdon.

............--.... Atkinson; captured at Girard.

Conecuh --... Walker; captured at Girard.

Mobile -- E. Toomer; promoted. .... Lewis; captured at Girard.

Macon --.... Smith.

Coosa --.... Demson.

Dale -- .... Thornton; captured at Girard.
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