Fifth Alabama

This battalion organized near Dumfries, Va., in December 1861. Attached to Whiting's brigade, it was soon transferred to Hood's. Sent to Richmond, the battalion was placed in Archer's brigade, and fought at Mechanicsville, Cold Harbor, and Frazier's Farm, with heavy loss. It was engaged at the second Manassas with large loss, and with like result at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. The battalion lost half of the 200 it had engaged at Gettysburg, and was then placed on provost duty in A. P. Hill's corps. It remained in Virginia till the end, losing several on the march to Appomattox, where 30 or 40 were present.

Major -- A. S. Vandegraff of Sumter; wounded before Richmond, and at Fredericksburg.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Sumter -- Jas Winston; resigned. Wade Ritter; wounded at the second Manassas.

Calhoun -- T. B. Bush; killed at second Manassas. A. N. Porter; wounded at Fredericksburg.

Calhoun -- Elijah T. Smith; resigned. ...... Burton; killed at first Cold Harbor. David Stewart; killed at Chancellorsville. James Reese.

Mobile -- ... Covington; superceded. C. Hooper (company disbanded).
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