Fifty-Seventh Alabama
Infantry Regiment

This regiment was organized at Troy, in Pike, March 1863, as part of the brigade of Gen. Clanton of Montgomery. It was stationed at Mobile and Pollard till January 1864, when it moved to Demopolis. Brigaded there under Gen. Buford, (soon succeeded by Gen. Scott) with the Twelfth Louisiana, Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth, and Fifty-fifth Alabama and a Louisiana regiment, the Fifty-seventh joined the Army of the Tennessee in time to share fully the hardships of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. The casualties of the regiment, however, were not severe till the battle of Peach-tree Creek, when it was cut to pieces. The Fifty-seventh participated in the movement into Tennessee, and at Franklin and Nashville its losses were again very large. Transferred to North Carolina, the regiment fought at Bentonville with severe loss. Its colors were there folded when the army was disbanded.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- J. P. W. Amerine of Pike; superceded. C. J. L. Cunningham of Pike; wounded at Franklin.

Lieut. Colonels -- J. W. Mabry of Barbour; superceded. R. A. Bethune of Pike; wounded at Peach-tree.

Majors -- C. J. L. Cunningham; promoted. W. R. Arnold of Pike; killed at Peach-tree. J. Horatio Wiley of Pike.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Pike -- J. P. Wood.

Barbour -- Daniel Martin.

Dale -- R. A. Bethune; promoted. Jesse Bruner.

Pike and Coffee --W. R. Arnold; promoted. M. J. Horn.

Henry -- J. H. Wiley; promoted. E. Culver; wounded.

Pike -- James N. Arrington; resigned. Reuben Lane.

Coffee -- Jesse O'Neal; resigned. Wm. O. Mixon.

Pike and Barbour -- Bailey M. Talbot; killed at Peach-tree. Alexander Faison; wounded.

Dale and Coffee -- Mordecai White; resigned. W. G. Yelverton.
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