Fifty-First Alabama
Mounted Regiment

This regiment was organized at Oxford, in Calhoun, August 11,1862. Ordered to Tennessee, the regiment was placed under Gen. Forrest, and was in the fight at Lavergne. A few weeks later it was assigned to Gen. Wheeler's command, and served during the war principally in the brigades of Gen. Allen of Montgomery or Gen. Hagan of Mobile. It was engaged in the battle of Murfreesboro with light loss, and was in the raid down the Cumberland River in January with like result. The regiment was engaged in frequent skirmishes while protecting Gen. Bragg's communications. It was in the fight at Shelbyville, where nearly half the regiment were killed or captured. The Fifty-first fought at Tracey City and Chicamauga with few casualties, then was part of the force that made the Sequatchee raid, in which 1000 wagons laden with stores were destroyed, and 4000 mules were butchered. The regiment was part of the force that captured 400 of the enemy at Maryville, and soon after was part of the investing force at Knoxville. During the remainder of the winter of '63-'64, the Fifty-First was arduously employed in east Tennessee. It took its place on Johnston's flank in the retreat to Dalton, and fought nearly every day for three months. At Decatur and Jonesboro the Fifty-first was fully engaged, and lost severely. It moved into Tennessee shortly after, then wheeled about and harassed Sherman's march into the Carolinas with much effect. About a week before the capitulation, the Fifty-first captured the First Alabama Union regiment. As part of Gen. Hagan's brigade, the regiment laid down its arms near Raleigh.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- John T. Morgan of Dallas; promoted. Milton L. Kirkpatrick of Montgomery.

Lieut. Colonels - - James D. Webb of Greene; killed at Elk River. M. L. Kirkpatrick; promoted.

Majors -- Henry Bradford Thompson of Pike; resigned. James Dye of Talladega; captured at Shelbyville.

Adjutants -- Charles Force of District of Columbia; transferred to the line. David S. Bethune of Pike.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Calhoun -- Wm. M. Hames; resigned. H. T. Snow. Lieut. Thomas L. Bowen commanded.

Pike -- Henry B. Thompson; promoted. L. W. Battle; wounded in east Tennessee, and near Fayetteville.

Talladega -- James Dye; promoted. Thomas Curry.

Calhoun -- Robert Draper; resigned. William White; wounded on Sequatchee raid, and at Bentonville.

St. Clair -- William Edwards; resigned. Charles Force; captured at Shelbyville. Lient. J. W. Lapsley commanded.

Talladega -- Nelson D. Johnson; captured at Shelbyville. Lieut. Amos Moss commanded.

Tuskaloosa -- Hampton S. Whitfield; resigned. .... Palmer; resigned. William Walker.

Montgomery -- M. L. Kirkpatrick; promoted. S. W. Cowling (in prison). Lieut. Jos. G. Allen commanded; wounded at Farmington and Fayetteville.

Dallas and Perry -- John Robbins; resigned. Joseph J. Seawell; wounded at Farmington. Lieuts. Reynolds and Harrison commanded.

Mobile -- ..... Ratcliff.
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