Basil Manly's Views of Secession/
Alabama Sovereignty

    Standing aloof, for the most part, from politcal parties and contests, our retired position does not exclude the profound conviction, based on a long and unquestionable series of facts, that union of the states of this Confederacy has failed in important particulars to answer for the purpose for which it was created. From the administration of the Federal government, as things are, especially with reference to our peculiar property, recognized by the Constitution, we can no longer hope for justice, protection, or safety. We have supposed ourselves entitled to equality of rights as citizens of this republic. We are not willing to surrender them-even to the risk of life and all we hold dear. While as yet no particular mode of relief is before us in which to express an opinion, we are constrained, before separating to our sacred homes, to declare to our bretheren and fellow citizens, before mankind and God, that we hold ourselves subject to the call of proper authority in defence of the sovereignty and independence of the State of Alabama, and to her sacred right as a sovereignty to withdraw from the Union; and to make any arrangement which her people in constitutional assemblies may deem best for securing their rights. And to this declaration we are heartily, deliberately, and unanimously and solemnly united.

Taken from Baptists in Alabama Their Organization and Witness by Reid, Avery Hamilton, Published by The Alabama Baptist State Convention