Nicola Marschall:
Artist of the Deep South

   The nineteenth century Prussian-born artist Nicola Marschall arrived on-the-scene in Marion, Alabama, in the mid-nineteenth century. There, Marschall was commissioned to paint the portraits of members of surrounding communities. The lives of his sitters reflect the time and place in which they lived. The notebook for teachers and students, based on the portraits and archival materials at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, is an avenue into the nineteenth century which will:

   The notebook can be used independently, or as a companion to information on the subject at the Alabama Archives' web site. A visit to the exhibit at the Alabama Department of Archives and History would enhance further the experience of studying mid-nineteenth century Alabama portraiture and personalities.

   The notebook has been divided into sections for the teacher and student, with suggested activities, and related documents pertaining to the artist and his subjects.

   Suggestions for editing/expanding this notebook are welcome.
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