John Marshall Walker

    John Marshall Walker was born in Pulaski County, Georgia, on August 4, 1840. He was the son of Charles and Margaret Walker. His mother died when he was five years old; in 1852 he moved to Marengo County, Alabama, with his father and stepmother. During the Civil War he rose to the rank of First Lieutenant in Company C, 36th Alabama Infantry. On May 15, 1864, while leading his company during the Battle of Resaca, Georgia, Walker was wounded in the leg, resulting in its amputation the following day. Walker died on May 24th as a result of his wound. His brother David brought his remains back to Uniontown where he was buried on May 27, 1864. Nicola Marschall was a friend of the Walker family and lived with them briefly at their home, Cedar Grove. This portrait was painted during Marschall's stay at Cedar Grove after Walker's death.