Training Opportunities

The Code of Alabama 1975 charges state and local government officials with maintaining and preserving the records of their offices by following the policies promulgated by the State Records Commission and the Local Government Records Commission. To help local officials fulfill this mandate, ADAH Records Management staff offer FREE training to state employees, local government officials, and public college and university staff regarding records management responsibilities and best practices. We offer both virtual and in-person training through open registration or individually scheduled sessions.

Virtual Training

Records Management staff offer free virtual training on a regular basis. These trainings last approximately seventy-five minutes with time for questions unless otherwise noted. Topics addressed include Alabama records law, how to document records destruction, and how to store paper and electronic records. These sessions are open to any interested state employees, local government officials, and public college and university staff. Click on the links below to register.

Upcoming local government official training:

Upcoming health care authority training:

Upcoming state agency and district attorney’s office training:

Upcoming public college and university training:

Individualized Agency Training

Upon request, Records Management staff conduct training for the staff of a specific state agency, public college or university, or local government agency. These sessions can be conducted virtually or in-person, depending on the requestor’s preference. These trainings can be crafted to address individual agency needs in addition to covering core records management principles.

Upon request, in-person training can also include a site assessment. During a site assessment, archivists examine areas in which records are stored and offer advice on how to improve storage conditions, triage records management projects, or identify eligible records for destruction.

Interested in arranging training for your agency? Contact Devon Henschel at or 334-353-4693!

Host Site Trainings

Local government agencies can offer their facilities to host training for other local offices in their region. The ADAH encourages local entities to host training sessions for nearby entities of the same type. A local law enforcement agency, for example, may host a joint training session for law enforcement in neighboring cities and counties. ADAH Records Management Section staff will tailor training to fit your needs.

Interested in hosting a regional training? Contact Charles Busby at or 334-353-1103!

Conference Presentations

Records Management staff will present at professional conferences for state, local, and public college and university employees upon request. For more information or to request training at your conference, contact Becky Hebert at or 334-353-5039.

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