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November 20, 1826












November 16, 1873

















November 16, 1875






















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November 15 - November 21




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Alabama's legislature convenes in the new capital of Tuscaloosa for the first time. The capital had been moved there from Cahaba, the state's first permanent capital. In 1846 the legislature voted to change the capital again, this time moving it to Montgomery.



Other Events this Week

W. C. Handy is born in Florence, Alabama. Handy brought the sounds of African-American blues to mainstream culture when he composed a song in 1909 that became known as “The Memphis Blues.” Handy, known as “Father of the Blues,” had a long career that yielded many other blues hits, such as “Beale Street Blues” and “St. Louis Blues.” Handy died in 1958.


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Alabama’s Constitution of 1875 is ratified. The "Bourbon" Democrats, having claimed to “redeem” the Alabama people from the Reconstruction rule of carpetbaggers and scalawags, wrote a new constitution to replace the one of 1868. It was a conservative document that gave the Democrats, and especially Black Belt planters, a firm grip on their recently reacquired control of state government.