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May 11, 1811






May 13, 1914











May 15, 1972





Mobile Centinel

This Week in Alabama History

May 10 - 16




Featured Event:

The first newspaper in Alabama, The Mobile Centinel, is published at Fort Stoddert.

Other Events this Week

Joe Louis, "The Brown Bomber," is born near LaFayette. In 1926 the family moved to Detroit and Louis began boxing. Louis held the world heavyweight boxing title from 1937 to 1948 and made a division record 25 successful title defenses. His matches in 1936 and 1938 against Max Schmeling of Germany were seen by many as heroic fights between the democratic free world and the Nazi forces. Louis died in 1981.


Gov. George C. Wallace is shot in Maryland while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president. The assassination attempt by Arthur Bremer left the Governor paralyzed from the waist down and effectively ended his chances at the nomination. He campaigned again for president in 1976, marking his fourth consecutive run for that office.


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