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Where Have You Come From?

Have you always lived in Alabama? Statistics tell us that Americans tend to move often, in fact, once every five years. It is likely that members of your family once lived in another city or even in another country. To learn more about your family, why not make a migration map?

Your family migration map might be an Alabama, United States or even world map, depending on how long your family has been in this country and how often they have moved. It will be interesting to compare your map or maps with your classmates.


1. Interview the members of your family. Ask them where they have lived in their lifetimes and why they moved. Ask them if they know where your grandparents and great-grandparents lived and why they moved when they did. Often people move to look for better job opportunities. Is this why they moved? What kind of work did they do? You can use the information that you gathered in other interviews to help you fill in the blank areas. All of this information will help you with your 'Archives Adventure' activities.

2. Begin with your great-grandparents (or even further back if you can find the information) and mark the city where they lived with their names and years they lived there. Feel free to draw any small pictures to illustrate your map. Draw a dotted line with an arrow to indicate any moves they made and then mark each new city or town with their names and dates. Continue tracing moves with each generation of your family


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