? Do you know your Family? Answer these questions
  1. What is your mother's full name?
  2. Where was your father born?
  3. What are the birthdates of your brothers and sisters?
  4. Where was your mother born?
  5. What was your Grandfather's job
  6. Do you know where your great grandparents lived?
  7. Do you have ancestors who moved from another country? Where?
  8. Do you look like any of your ancestors?
  9. Where are most of the old photographs of your family?
  10. Is there a famous person in your family? Who?

Do you know your family?  Maybe it is time for you to find out the answers before it is too late.  History of your family can be fun.

For information on the care of
family papers and photographs
please write to the Education Curator at:
Alabama Department of Archives and History
P.O. Box 300100
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-0100
Visit the Alabama Archives web site at

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Updated: September 18, 2008